I’m just a country girl, who made her way to Alberta and back, soaking up all of the experience she could along the way!

I graduated college with a Business Administration Marketing diploma (almost 15 years ago), I wasn’t even sure “marketing” was my thing. But, as I worked my way through the ranks from Marketing Assistant at a mid sized corporate law firm to a Marketing Specialist at a prominent post-secondary institution, I have come to realize that, hey, I might have a knack for this! 

My journey to entrepreneurship has been paved with a few very influential roles. I am ever grateful for the opportunities that I have had working in the corporate marketing world, as well as for the mentors that have helped shape my resume. These roles also helped me create a large network of resources, spanning across the country, that I am able to access for my current clients.

I have always dabbled in freelance work but it wasn’t until 2016 when my family relocated home to Ontario after a ten year stint in Alberta, that I made it my full time gig - and I haven’t looked back. With the support of my husband I have been able to launch a successful consultancy business while having the flexibility to raise our little people! 

Now I’m living my dream job, not just at working at it.

On top of managing my marketing clients and being a full-time wife + mama of two (+ one fur babe), I am also the co-owner of Little Ice Tribe, a hockey inspired lifestyle brand that gives back to youth hockey with every purchase.

I’ve also recently started teaching at Conestoga College in the Business department. This has been a lifelong career goal of mine and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share some of the experience I have gained in my career with students.

I’m so happy that you’re here! If you are interested in collaborating or think that I might be the right fit to help you take your business to the next level, please reach out! 


I’m sharing tons of free tips & tricks! Come & hang with me!